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  • Tel: +86-0755-88821774

GrantWave has a strong research and development capabilities, rich experience and grasp of industry technology, the company is able to make rapid response to customer demand. At present, the company can provide multilevel custom service: based on the existing products, to provide ODM service; based on the existing products, according to the needs of customers, increase customer value function.

· Based on our technology platform, develop new products for customers

· Designed for high reliability and high quality

· Design for  the right characteristics & function

· Design for the highest cost performance

·  Design for  harsh operating conditions

·  Design for  new look and design

Our Customer-Oriented Design Flow

We have a design process which is scientific and strictly implemented. The customer first needs to communicate our R & D center on specific performance indicators. Then, a technical document consented by both parties is compiled. The document is as an annex to a contract for the development of the customized product. The contract includes sample completion time, final delivery time, intellectual property ownership, responsibilities and obligations for the two parties, payment way, after-sale services and technical support etc.

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